founding in Aalst (Belgium), with the production of metal zippers types 3 and 5.


the company moves to the Iepersestraat in Kortrijk (Belgium). The name changes to KROKO fasteners PVBA. Production start-up of metal zippers type 7.


production site expands to 1,100 square metres. The PK40 polyester spiral zipper is added to the product range. The export amounts to 10%.


production start-up of the PK60 spiral zipper. Computers are purchased. The export amounts to 15%.


production start-up of the PK80 spiral zipper. Proper machines are constructed. The export amounts to 30%.


selling of Pressflex and Durlon touch & close fasteners. The export amounts to 50%.


founding of a production unit in Portugal. The actual infrastructure expands to 3,000 square metres. Production and accounting are fully computer-operated.


KROKO fasteners becomes a certified NATO supplier. The production of the PK100 is set up. The export amounts to 73%.


construction of the wholesale warehouse in Ukkel (Belgium). Move from Ukkel to Brussels, Fiennesstraat 46, after six months.


start of a production unit in the Ivory Coast. The export amounts to 85%. Expansion of the PK80 production with quick release system finishing.


infrastructure expands with 1,000 square metres.


company move from the warehouse in Brussels to the Brogniezstraat 134.


company restructure with a view to increased capacity.


expansion of the colour card with twice as much colours and expansion of the supplies for quicker deliveries.


introduction of a new semi automatic production line for the production of 6 and 9mm polyacetal moulded injection zippers.


extensive expansion and machinery replacement anticipated for the next 3 years. Specialties such as two-way open-end zippers in PK80 and PK100 are added.


final adjustments are made to the 4mm invisible zipper production line.


a new fully automatic production line is added for finishing 6mm open-end and two-way open-end metal zippers. The hardware and software are completely revised and updated, with the inclusion of shipping.


ISO-negotiations start. A fully automatic production line for open-end 4mm metal zippers is set up. A fully automatic production line for the finishing of 6mm moulded injection zippers comes into use. The first participation in the tri-annual IMB fair in Cologne (Germany). Expansion of type 9 metal with quick release system finishing.


expansion of the production unit with 273 square metres. The lab surface is doubled and new appliances are introduced, amongst which an Atlas device to test the flame retardant level of zippers. A person is employed full-time to ensure quality and compliance with the ISO standard. Start-up and development of a proper website. Large-scale prospecting on the English market, especially for army tenders. The Brussels warehouse moves to the Brogniezstraat 136.


introduction of an automated line for the finishing of 8mm moulded injection zippers. Participation in the Clotech fair in Birmingham.


introduction of the Bellegem 5,000 square metres branch. Expansion of production with a modern line for 6 and 8mm moulded zippers. Expansion of Belgian representation.


permanent representation in Germany and United Kingdom. New brochure design and expansion of the colour card. Renewal of ISO-9001 certificate (version 2000). Renewal of computer software: e-mail and Internet per section, updating and expanding custom-made computer programmes. Development and production start-up of nickel free zippers.


Further maximisation of our machine park in several departments and expansion of our network of representatives in Europe.


Participation to the IMB fair in Kln. Entirely renewed website with indication of the representation in Europe. "Splash" zip incorporated in our product range.


Adoption of the machine park of Co-Ho BV. Investment in the enamelling department for exact colour determination. Sales intensification in the mattress industry with marked zip fasteners.


‘Gripper’ touch & close fasteners incorporated in our product range. Improvement of the aramid tape for heat resistant zip fasteners. Development of stronger sliders for heavy duty applications in the shoe industry.


Participation to the IMB fair.


Expansion of our flame retardant product range with permanently flame retardant Polyester zippers, moulded zippers with fire resistant teeth, moulded zippers with aramid tapes, and fire resistant glass fiber sliders. For the army we have new zippers for infra red applications. Moulded B14 and B18 zippers are now available. For the tent industry we now have interchangeable P100 zippers available.


Development of zippers for the sun protection industry.


Participation in the Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt. Development of stronger sliders for heavy duty zippers, focusing on the shoe industry, with related automation of the production lines.


Launch of the company-wide, integrated computer program Dynamics NAV. High-quality optimisation and further automation of the production lines for spiral zippers. Insulation of the production rooms.


New brochure and redesign of the website with the new company style.


Participation in the Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt.


Expansion of the warehouse by 900 m² for the best possible management of stock on demand.


Commissioning of a new water purification system. Further automation of the machinery, particularly in the metal department. Investments in automatic detection systems for an integrated quality policy.


Reintroduction of the crocodile to our logo. Modernizing the company font and logo. Participation in the Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt. Further international growth with increased export turnover.


Installation of new drum for black oxidizing of metal brass zippers


Reorganisation of assembly lines in a more efficient set-up.  Commissioning of new line for galvanic antique brass plating + ironing unit.  Participation in the Techtextil exhibition in Frankfurt.


Increasement of production capacities Kroko Asia.  Creation of a new sample-room with reference samples of European tenders / contracts.


Set-up of entirely new machinery for metal zippers with preformed “Y” -wire.  Modernization of department for chemical treatments.  Participation in the Techtextil exhibition in Frankfurt.


Acquisition of the Brussels depot by our headquarters in Kortrijk. Introduction of a new ERP system. Achieving zero-discharge status by further increasing environmental efforts.


Further expansion of our range with heat-and flame resistant zippers as well as a water-repellant – flame-retandant version for the use in personal protective equipment and clothing. Installation of solar panels with a total capacity of 142800Wp on our Belgian production site. Extra insulation of the factory roof to achieve an optimal interior climate.


Increase of the turnover with 15% compared to 2021 and with 30% versus 2020 thanks to further commercial efforts in the expansion of the sales opportunities for technical zippers and hook & loop fasteners.


Creation of the Kroko Trading CO, Ltd office In China in order to serve our Chinese customers more efficiently and create a better administrative flow. Installation of high- yield glazing on our Belgian production site.


Installation of charging stations and further expanse of our electrical fleet.


KROKO fasteners n.v. will enter the future with a modern infrastructure, highly skilled employees, a remarkably extensive color card and an impressive international customer wallet. The never ceasing quality and environmental efforts make KROKO fasteners n.v. your ideal partner for the delivery of metal, polyester spiral and moulded injection zippers, offering a broad range of different models and colours. The product range is further completed with the selling of touch & close fasteners.