KROKO offers a wide range of very high quality hook and loop and mushroom and velours fasteners for all kinds of applications.


hook and loop
for multiple use

Woven quality with large horizontal tensile force for intensive use; effortlessly runs 10,000 times open and close.


mushroom and velour
with high shear strength

Woven and knitted quality with high vertical tensile strength for resistance and strength; open and close approximately 100 times


hook and velours
for hygienic and durable use

Plastic extruded quality for hygienic or waterproof  application; great adhesion in combination with a non-woven


Finishing and treatment

  • flame retardant hook and loop / mushroom and velours
  • a wide range of self adhesive hook and loop / mushroom and velours (A/SA, ATA, SA3, SA4)
  • cutting on length
  • slitting on width
  • stamping according to customers drawing
  • rounds/coins
  • back-to-back hook and loop / mushroom and velours
  • mixed hook and loop
  • elastic (only loop side)
  • gripper: different qualities
  • unbrushed loop
  • high-frequency weldable hook and loop / mushroom and velours


16, 20, 25, 30, 38, 50, 100, 160 mm

Special widths hook and loop, straps and dtm colours on request.