For these industries KROKO offers a wide range of solid zippers made from our standard quality of which its origin stems from our core business, namely development for Governmental contracts.

This implies that our standard quality already automatically complies to technical zipper–specifications such as DIN 3416-3419, BS 3084 : 2006 and NF G 91-005 entailing advantages also to our clients being active in civil markets.

We can offer:

  • Heat-resistant zippers according to ISO 17493
  • Flame-resistant zippers according to ISO 15025
  • Permanent flame-retardant zippers
  • Heat & flame -resistant plastic elements for moulded zippers in combination with FR polyester or aramid tapes which save weight as opposed to the classic metal aramid zippers
  • Reflective film and fluorescent zippers for better visibility
  • Non-conductive plastic sliders for utilities
  • Permanent splash-waterproof PU-coated zippers

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